Website Maintenance

Our website maintenance services cover post website development works that are relevant to the smooth and efficient running of your website. These works include website renewals, website analytics, website recommendations, search engine optimization, website updates, website maintenance, social media management, website overhaul and redesigning, etc.
Your website is not a “build it and forget it” project that your must do. Its success and to an extent your organization’s success depend on the continuous effort you put into it. Designing your website is just 10% of the work. Maintaining your website along with promoting it makes up 90% of the work and this involves the following services:

a) Website Renewals
Your website needs to be renewed yearly for it to still remain online. When you fail to renew your website before it expires, you stand to lose it and have someone online take over your website for his own selfish reasons. You can renew your website for up to 10 years ahead and we recommend doing so because it is cheaper and can help in your search engine ranking.

We also recommend that as soon as your website starts running online that you renew it for a long duration as anyone on the internet can check to see when your website will expire. People who discover that your website will expire in some month’s time may not take your organization as seriously as they will take an organization whose website will expire in ten years time. Such long renewals can give people confidence to do business with your organization.

b) Website Analytics
You need to know MONTHLY:

 Where your websites visitors are coming from.
 How they got to know about your website.
 Which of your website’s pages did your visitors view the most.
 What they searched for in Google or other search engines that led them to your website.
 Which websites are referring people to yours.
 How many times your visitors visited your website.
 Your website visitors’ behaviors by tracking and understanding how much time these visitors spent on the various web pages in your website.
 Exactly what your website’s visitors are looking for.
 Gauge the success of your advertising campaigns and activities.
 Find out which operating system and internet browsers your website visitors are using the most to visit your website so as to ensure that they are getting a good browsing experience on your website
 Check for potential web pages which make your website visitors to immediately leave your website after visiting.
 Get valuable feedback on how well your website is performing, etc.

So all the above are included in our website analytics service which you will be getting monthly from us as monthly reports to give you a month-to-month update about the inner workings of your website.

c) Website Recommendation
You need to know which areas of your website needs improvement and updates, new features to add to the website to always make it relevant, etc. We will periodically (at least quarterly) send you some recommendations that you should implement on your website and in your social media platforms to add new life to your website and further position it to help meet your organizational goals and objectives.

d) Search Engine Optimization
This is basically about helping your website and organization get more exposure and website visitors from Google and other search engines. This in a way is ‘positioning marketing’ where you are not directly and actively seeking the potential website visitors but have positioned yourself to be quickly searched by such visitors who are searching for something related to your organization and to what it does.

These potential visitors who may never have heard about your organization sees your website and information about your organization listed in Google and other search engines which they trust and believe to be authority figures in the online world and from these reliable sources, visit your website.

Such positioning instantly benefits you as these website visitors immediately perceive your website and organization as being trustworthy and possessing credibility in your area of expertise having been recommended and referred to them by an authority figure they trusted. In search engine optimization, we can make your products, services, projects appear in the first page of Google and other search engines but note that you can never be guaranteed a position on the first page of these search engines as millions of other websites online are also competing with you for a first page placement in these search engines.

Also these search engines keep changing the criteria they use in ranking websites which can make website which is appearing on the first page of search results to start appearing on tenth page of the search listings. It will take a recurring weekly/monthly work to keep your website listed in the first page of these search engines.

However, the potential payoff is that a well optimized website can keep getting website visitors from these search engines for many years to come and the website owners do not pay to have these search engines send visitors to his/her website.

e) Website Updates
You can never completely design your website. There will be need to regularly update it to make it relevant to your website visitors. Depending on your organization’s needs, your website will need to be updated daily, weekly, every two weeks, monthly or quarterly. You can carry out the updates yourself or we can regularly have your website professionally updated.

Having a constantly updated website will make your website visitors to keeping coming back to your website and will also help you maintain/increase your search engine ranking.

f) Website Maintenance
You need to ensure that your website is compatible with the latest versions of all the major browsers your website visitors are using to browse your website; that the links, forms, graphics, pictures, videos and other applications in your website are functioning properly; to make the website richer and more user-friendly by adding new interactive features to it, etc.

Also under website maintenance, your website will be periodically worked on to improve on the design, to add new relevant sections/structures to your web pages, etc.

g) Social Media Management:
We can create pages across the various social media platforms for your organization to reach out to a wider audience all over the world. Social media has become an indispensable tool you must have in your advertising/marketing arsenal as it is free and has the ability to place you before billions of potential website visitors who will get to know more about your organization, your website and what you do.

Also social media is viral in nature which makes it very easy for information about your organization to be quickly shared amongst friends, thus, helping you reach out to more persons within a short space of time. Your organization must plan to leverage the vast advertising platforms and connections offered by Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. and we can help you do that which will lead to your organization having increased website traffic, and brand building, swift dissemination of information, reduce your advertising budget, manage your reputation online, etc.

h) Website Overhaul & Redesigning
We recommend that once or twice a year, your website should be overhauled and given a facelift. The information, pictures, etc. (most especially those on the home page) should be restructured, repositioned and/or changed to enhance the appearance of the website as well as make it look new and appealing to your website visitors.

We also recommend that you redesign your website every 2-3 years to keep it lively and relevant with new interactive features. Technologies keep advancing, so, redesigning your website will give you the opportunity to bring in new concepts to the website as well as make the website to be more user friendly based on feedbacks you have gotten from your personal experiences, those of your staff as well as those who visited your website.

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