Website Development

Our website development services include the pre-design stages and extend to the completion of your website design.

Here we work with you after you have expressed interest in having a website developed. We consult with you to know more about the following:

 Why you need the website. What specific objectives you want the website to achieve;
 What your organization does and how the intended website will key into your organizational goals and objectives;
 Which website pages you want to be created;
 Which website design package will fit your organization;
 Future website updates and upgrades you plan to make so that the website can easily accommodate such new updates seamlessly. For example, in 2013 we developed a 40-page website for a Diocese (a religious group) and by December 2016, that same website has grown to 1,320 pages without much change in the website structure.
 The type of website that best suits your needs. For example, an organization’s website that will not always be updated can be designed using HTML/CSS3 but if it will be updated very often (like weekly or daily) then a Content Management System (CMS) website will be best suited for such purposes. An organization that wants to sell online can go for an E-commerce website if it has a lot of products to sell or a simple online store if it has very few products to sell.

Based on the above, we may recommend additional resources/tools to add to your website to make it much more relevant.

The entire consulting process above can take between one (1) hour to three (3) working days depending on how fast and accurate you can answer the above questions along with some other questions/recommendations that we will send to get further clarifications.

Note that we will not meet with you but will consult with you via phone calls, e-mails, fax, WhatsApp, Skype, and other means of communication that are convenient for you. After we have agreed on the website development cost, you will proceed to escrow (deposit) the funds with ESCROW.COM either in full or in installments. Do note that we will not get paid until after the enter completion of your website.

Next, after sorting out all the above points, we will then carry out the development of your website in the following order:

a) Collection of Website Materials
We will give you a list of materials you will send us via any online media. Note that after the initial website materials that you will supply, we may further request more materials as we proceed.

A website is basically about content and the more relevant content it has, the better. These website materials can be write-ups, pictures, audios and videos. We will also need your organization’s logo and colors. We will work with you on the best way to deliver these website materials to us.

b) Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

We will work with you on the best domain name to register and once we agree on the domain name, we will immediately register it and get the web hosting platform ready. It is always recommended that you secure your domain name as soon as possible (even before you start designing your website) as anyone anywhere in the world can go and possess your desired domain name which can have negative impact on your purpose of wishing to own a website.

Imagine someone taking possession of your organization’s desired domain name thereby making it impossible for you to use that name. We try to avoid this by immediately securing your domain name and hosting your website.

c) Website Initial Designing
We will then proceed to design the first two pages of your website (the Home and Profile web pages) and present these pages to you. This website development phase can take us anywhere between 3 – 7 working days to present the first website draft to you for your input and clarifications.

d) Website Criticism and Suggestions
Here you criticize these two web pages and offer your suggestions on how to make the website better. Your valuable input will help us fine-tune the website to suit your need. Remember that we have not been paid and we will not be unless you are 100% satisfied. Thus, your feedback at this stage of the website development will be greatly appreciated so that we can be sure that we are on track.

e) Completion of the remaining Website Pages
Here we will implement all the input and recommendations you gave in item #d above. After that we will proceed to develop all the remaining pages of the website and then present the completed website to you for your input. It will take us between 2 – 10 working days to complete all the pages of your website depending on the input you gave in item #d above as well as the number of pages involved in the website project. Note that we will not be presenting the website to you from your own domain but from a test server and will only upload it to your domain (hosting) after you have vetted and approved the website.

f) Second Website Evaluation and Recommendations
Here we will send you a link to view the completed website and give us your second review of the website and offer necessary recommendations (if needed).

g) Final Website Corrections & Uploading
Here we will carry out all your evaluation and recommendations listed in item #f above and then upload the corrected website to your domain and web hosting server. This phase will take us between 1 – 3 working days after which your website will be LIVE and you can go to your domain to visit your website as well as send your website address to your friends and associates.

h) Website Submission to Google
We will submit your website to Google to help you get your organization’s name and website listed on the FIRST PAGE of Google! Remember that this is a free bonus service that we are only offering to those who sign up for their own websites before the end of our current promo! If you sign up for your website after the expiration of our promo, you will need to pay to have your website submitted to Google.

This submission process will take between 2-4 days after which you can go to Google to see your organization’s name and website listed on the first page of Google for searches made for your organization’s name.

i) You Pay Us!
So when you are 100% satisfied with the quality of your website, you will instruct the escrow company,, to release the website funds you deposited to us. If you aren’t satisfied you can ask them to refund the funds back to you.

j) Testimonials
Here you will give us a brief 3 -5 minutes video testimonial appreciating us for the website we developed for your organization. You will also benefit by giving us this video testimonial as we will include your organization’s name, website address and what you do in the video and then share your testimonial video across various social media and video sharing platforms. We will also upload it on our own website giving your organization and your website more exposure online for many years to come. So your testimonial video is going to be a win-win arrangement for your organization and for our company.

k) Referrals:
Since you are pleased with your website, we will appreciate it if you will within three months of the completion of your website refer us to at least three of your colleagues or associates for us to design their own websites. Note that for every three referrals you give us, who end up designing their websites with us, we will give you one year free domain name and web hosting renewal.

Other Website Development Services

 Graphic Designing
Not all websites require creative graphic designs. For example in most cases religious and non-profit organizations as well as engineering and construction companies do not require creative graphic designs for their websites as these organizations and companies have lots of projects and content to showcase on their websites.

However small companies who are desirous of promoting their products may need some creatively designed banners to much more quickly and more interestingly send the message across to their website visitors about their products. We can, as a separate service outside the website development, design creative banners for your website.

 Content and Article Writing
In most cases, organizations already have their content ready before the start of the website development. However, we can write content and articles for your organization detailing your profile, what you do, etc. This is separate from the website designing. Let us know if you need such content and articles written and we will discuss more with you about it.

 Editorial Services
We can professionally edit your website content before they are uploaded to the internet. Just let us know if you need such service. This attracts a separate fee from the website development.

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