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Your website is your electronic office that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year Answering questions from current and potential clients, customers, members, congregation, subscribers, partners, donors, volunteers, etc. that visit it. It promotes what your organization does, collects your website visitors’ enquiries, and attends to their other online and informative needs. She (your website) never goes to sleep and is actively working hard to help you grow your company/organization if only you pay attention to her.
For a beginner needing website for personal or one-man organization or just online presence, you can go for our 1 webpage Corporate Starter website package. A very small company/organization with very few content and information to portray can go for our Corporate Basic package (2 – 5 web pages) or our Corporate Basic package (6 - 10 web pages).

A small but already established company/organization can go for either the Corporate Silver package (11 – 25 web pages) or the Corporate Gold package (26 - 45 web pages).

Very large companies and organizations are advised to go for either the Corporate Platinum package (46 – 70 web pages) or the Corporate Diamond package (71 – 100 web pages) so that they can have enough web pages to project what their do, their projects, services, products, content, etc.
The following are the three pillars to having a great, successful, relevant and profitable website:

Great looking and professionally designed mobile friendly website with relevant and detailed content about your company and her services (which we are already working on).
Constant update and maintenance as well as prompt renewal of your website.
Continuous promotion of your website and your company/organization.

Kindly note that the designing of your website is just ten percent (10%) of the work. Updating, maintaining and promoting it regularly is ninety percent (90%) of the work!
We will discuss with you and advise you on the type of information, pictures, etc. to provide for the design of your website.
It is better to get started with the materials that are ready. In reality, you can never completely design your website as there is always room to keep adding new content to it as time goes on. When the other materials for the website design are ready, we will add them in the website.
You can send us the materials via e-mail, fax, WhatsApp, sms, Skype, etc. If these methods are not possible for you, we can arrange on how we can get your website materials delivered to us.
Depending on the website package you go for, it will take us between 5 - 20 working days to complete the design of your website.
Yes you can. For example in May 2013, we developed a 40 page website for a Diocese (a religious body) but by December 2016, the website has grown to 1,320 web pages without much change in the website structure.
No. We will keep in touch with you via phone calls, e-mail, fax, WhatsApp, Skype and other means.
A domain name is your unique name that identifies your company/organization on the internet. We will register the name for you. An example of what you could register is (or .org, .net, etc.)
This is the space on the internet where your already designed website will be kept for people to have access to it (that is, view it) from anywhere in the world.
As many as you want. You can create email addresses for each member of your staff, you can create emails for the administrative department, marketing & sales department, customer support department, partnership department, etc.
Yes, we are guaranteeing you that your website will always be up
We charge such amounts for hosting and designing your website because we are providing you with one-year technical support for your web hosting space as well as one-year web hosting server updates so that your web hosting platform will always be up-to-date with the latest server technologies.

Also here are just of few of the many features that come with our web hosting space: Flexible, easy to use and latest Control Panel; Sub Domains; FTP Accounts; email addresses; over 75 open-source scripts; MySQL Databases; Programming languages and modules; System Management, Spam prevention with SpamAssassin.
Yes. Every year, you are expected to renew your website to keep it running online. When you do not renew your website, someone else can go and pay and take over your website. We encourage clients to renew their website for long durations like 10 years.
Your website will only run for one year except if you renew it to run for more than that period of time.
Social media websites can help you get more visitors to your website; it gives you the ability to target the specific audience you want to reach out to; carry out market research; build your brand; reach out to a global audience (if you want to); manage your company/organization's reputation; help you have increased interactions with your prospects, customers, clients, donors, etc.; help you quickly disseminate your information; reduce your advert budget; etc.
There are many ways you can get people to visit your website. Some are free while others are paid. What you want to achieve and how fast you want to achieve it will determine which advertising and marketing methods you will carry need to out.
Basically, you have off-line methods of advertising which are so numerous. Here are some online methods of advertising: Pay per click; Website submission to Google (which we are offering to you free of charge if you design your website before this website promotion ends); Social media marketing; Referral marketing; Content marketing; etc.
We suggest that you install and set up a Content Management System (CMS) for your website. The CMS will help you update and manage the website by yourself as well as help you do a lot of other things through your website.
Yes we can. Call or e-mail us and let us know how we can be of assistance to you.
We have two payment options: Option #1: Basically you will escrow (deposit) the website payment with which is one of the leading escrow companies in the United States. After you have escrowed the funds, we will start designing your website. When you are 100% satisfied with the website, you will instruct to release the website payment to us. If you are not satisfied, you simply ask them to refund the funds back to you. Option #2: If you choose to directly pay us for the website, then all payments should be paid into our company’s bank account. We do not collect cash payment and will not come to your office to collect payments. You have the option of paying in two or three installments for your website. For two installments, it will be 70% before the start of the work and the remaining 30% upon completion of your website (when it has started running online). For three installments, it will be 50% before the start of the work, 30% after we have shown you the website and the remaining 20% upon completion of your website (when it has started running online). We recommend paying in two installments because it makes it faster to get your website up and running. You are free to pay the full 100% of the cost before the start of the website if you so choose.
Yes we can. This is a separate service outside the website designing.
Every month we will send you the details of those that visit your website. Here are some of the details that we will send to you: the number of unique visitors to your website; the number of times the website was visited; the number of web pages that were viewed; the top 10 web pages that were viewed (this will let you know your website visitors are interested in; how these visitors came to know about and visit your website; the top 10 countries where you website visitors reside; etc. This is a separate service from the website development.