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Etiti-Okabia Autonomous Community Orsu Central, Imo State Website's Screenshot

Etiti-Okabia Autonomous Community Orsu Central, Imo State's Website's Screenshot

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HRH, Obi of Etiti Okabia

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Umuhu Okabia, Orsu Local Government Area, Imo State

About the Client:
Etiti Okabia is one of the communities that make up the old Umuhu Okabia in the Orsu Local Government Area of Imo State. Etiti Okabia was created as an autonomous community courtesy of Chief Achike Udenwa's administration as Governor of Imo State in October, 2002. According to the last census figures, Etiti Okabia has a population of 10,000 people. By its size, it is one of the largest communities in the Orsu local Gorvernment Area.

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